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Are we real?

Is 2016 a mass hallucination? And if so, why don’t we get any of the fun drug side-effects? This is w
Are we real?
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Is 2016 a mass hallucination? And if so, why don’t we get any of the fun drug side-effects? This is what Micah Singleton wrote on the Verge. 
It’s not even about Trump. It’s Shia LaBeouf who proves he can rap
Nothing makes sense anymore.
I’m obviously not alone in questioning reality. TechCrunch wrote some on Losing the future, The New Yorker called it An American Tragedy, Marc van der Chijs wrote about The world after Trump’s win, even Zuck doesn’t know anymore how Facebook works. Bad thing is, we could have seen this coming. Sarah Kendzior did. She shared ‏a year’s worth of articles analysing how we got here, how this would play out, and the violence ahead.
I think our next challenge is to connect with reality again. Beyond the streams online, out in the real world. Easy for me to say you would think, as a Dutch guy living in the Netherlands (a country in Europe with the same amount of civilians as medium-sized cities in China). 
Although… most people in this country are still in favour of celebrating the most racist party ever while the United Nations banned this back in 2015. 
How does this even make sense? 
It doesn’t. 
I hear you think; come on, Nalden, you must have something positive to say? Some advice maybe? 
Well, maybe you should consider Soverin* since the Trump administration will have all the tools of surveillance at his immediate disposal. 
Okay, another downer. Let’s try art cuz in times like these art might be our saviour. 
This week Piet Parra is doing an exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York and It’s Nice That shares the sneak peak. Yay!
I guess the best news was (and still is) the new album from A Tribe Called Quest strikingly titled; We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service.
So, even though 2016 is the weirdest year ever, it’s really down to us now to make the world great again. Be vocal, be pro-active and get out there!
Thank you for reading.

*Just a heads up, I am a small investor in this company since 2014. You can decide for yourself if it’s a shameless plug, real smart advice or both. 


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