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Bursting the bubble.

The past weeks I've been struggling to write something. Following my previous mail of understanding t
Bursting the bubble.
By nalden • Issue #7 • View online
The past weeks I’ve been struggling to write something. Following my previous mail of understanding the game we’re playing, I feel I don’t understand anymore. I feel lost. 
This is mostly the result of the news I’m absorbing through my twitter feed or the more common outlets. It’s making me angry reading about Trump, ashamed about our Dutch PM, and powerless to help those in need.
I see friends join the protests. Write stories on Medium. They vocalise their emotions while I keep asking myself how can I effectively make a difference? 
In the midst of Twitter exploding due to another reckless order of the US president, I stumbled upon this video in which Alain de Botton explains his views on the media. 
We invest ’the news’ with an importance and authority that used to be the preserve of religion – but what does it do for us? 
It’s striking how he can articulate his thoughts allowing you to better understand how to read the news. And to make it better. 
Watching Alain helped me to burst the bubble of information that’s reaching my feeds and newspapers. Especially in times where post-truth might become word of the year, it’s important to demand better news. 
Now I think to understand where I can make a difference;
I want to use everything within my powers to help prevent another Trump/Brexit scenario for the country in which I was born & raised. From here, I hope we can create a sense of optimism throughout Europe and the rest of the world. 
With the elections in the Netherlands coming up (March 15th) it’s time to do our homework. Read up on all programs and vote.
Personally I landed on supporting GroenLinks, a left-wing party that is geared towards a better society for everyone. 
Mostly because I believe in times where individuality is everywhere, we need a government with a long term vision that looks out for all of us.  
Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about my motivations. 


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