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It's been a while...

Whoah, it’s been a while! Things have been quite hectic over here with construction bullshit at home,
It's been a while...
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Whoah, it’s been a while! Things have been quite hectic over here with construction bullshit at home, gf expecting number two, parenting number one and at the same time building a billion dollar company.  
Or at least trying. Nonetheless we’re all having massive fun while doing so. Although… just when our new roof was finished, Elon introduced this!
So why start again?
Actually, it’s this post by Alex that triggered me to start writing again. Followed by newsletters I actually read (Warren Ellis, Bob Lefsetz) I figured it’s time to utilise this thing the right way. Also, because I believe my observations and relationships could be either insightful or entertaining to some of you.
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So, while Twitter announced it was ending Vine’s short run (and some adult site was quick to come to the rescue hahaha), at WeTransfer we started rolling out our new website. 
Don’t expect anything hugely different (Syke! It’s better, faster, stronger!). 
In fact, it’s a new starting point for the company in which we’ve cleared our tech debt, our design debt and cemented a new foundation. If you can’t see the difference, this might mean that it’s not yet live in your region.
Tough luck. 
Either way, the future is something to be excited about! Or is it
To get there we need crazy people. “Unfortunately most people want to be accepted, so they won’t take risks that could make them look crazy.”
That quote was spot on right? It’s from Sam Altman, who recently shared his manifest in The New Yorker. BTW, I’m with Marco Arment about the fact you should kick-out Peter Thiel from your board of advisors, Sam.
Ooh, before I forget! I’m helping Gilles Peterson to find an agency that will take on Worldwide FM and build an iPhone app for it. Any ideas? 
Maybe not obvious, but this is the kind of project that’s more for the portfolio, than for the bank account. I’m a big fan of his radio station and feel it should have a proper mobile experience. Especially now they broadcast live from our office in LA (I miss you Damian!).
One more thing. Music. GOSTO’s new album Memory Ivy is out! And it’s dope! I first discovered the dude through 22tracks (seen the new site?), but now Spotify reminded me his album is out. Random, I know.
Ok, that’s it. 
Next time my writing might be better once I’ve received this book.


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