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Kids are the Future

Kids are the Future
By Nalden • Issue #1 • View online
Hey, how are you?
It’s been a while since I sent out this newsletter. First of all, thank you for being patient. Also, this newsletter will be the last one you’ll receive from me. I want to thank you for signing up in the first place and share a personal story that’s particularly close to my heart.
Cool? Cool.

I started something new.
It’s called Adelee and together with a group of talented and highly motivated people we are building something to empower parents.
Where do I begin? Some of you might know I’ve been juggling the past couple of years. Being a father of two kids, while at the helm of a growing technology company, has been an insane rollercoaster.
It took me a long time to move past the idea that you have to be constantly working in order to be successful. I doubted myself and wore a mask to the outside world. While at home, my family experienced the worst of me; I was exhausted, angry and frustrated. I wasn’t prepared for the most important job in my life.
I had to change course. Without knowing ourselves, it’s impossible to interact with the world around us. Without taking time to figure it out, we can’t have a foundation to build on. I chose to leave the company I founded a decade ago and to take that time.
Two years later, we are here and my family and I are in a better place. We’re aligned and work together in building a safe environment we can all recognize as home. Both my wife and I wanted to set the example at home that family comes first and we needed to explore new ways to take on parenthood.
I know I’m not alone in this.
Parents today are raising their children against a backdrop of increasingly diverse and constantly evolving family forms. The relentlessness of modern parenting makes it hard for parents to stay together as they face increasing societal pressure. Approximately half of all US children witness the breakup of a marriage. In Europe, one in three couples split up before their child turns three years old. 
Moreover research shows that the first years of a child’s life set the stage for all future growth. Physical and mental health, ability to learn and the capacity for forming healthy relationships all have their roots in early childhood. Unfortunately, the importance of early childhood development isn’t common knowledge for many people, myself included.
Parents need time and support to create a loving and safe environment for their children. They want better solutions to age-old parenting problems. This is all beautifully captured in The Beginning of Life: The Series.
The complexity of modern parenthood deeply resonated with me and triggered me to do something. To try and build software that actually empowers parents. To make time, rather than taking it by keeping you addicted to likes or whatever. To help parents work together and support each other while raising their children. 
If kids are the future, let’s empower parents in the present.
Thank you & goodbye ✌️
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