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People make the difference.

Yesterday I visited Martijn & Mo from Revue and promised them to write more emails. I mean, I'm o
People make the difference.
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Yesterday I visited Martijn & Mo from Revue and promised them to write more emails. I mean, I’m on a short break now anyway, so why not? Thing is, every time I start writing I can’t ignore all these issues we’re confronted with. Whether it’s net neutrality being destroyed, another #metoo story or our colonial hangover in Holland. It all sucks. It kills motivation… does it?

Luckily there will always be people challenging the status quo. Like those heroes in Detroit building their own internet after being ignored by telco’s. People creating new funds to fix real problems now Sillicon Valley became the new Wallstreet. Even Jay-Z beautifully opened up towards the NYT talking emotions and shit. 
Anyone can make a difference, any time, any day. Sky isn’t the limit. People are. And it’s sometimes more important to fail at something that matters than to succeed at something that doesn’t.

Barbara Kruger at Stedelijk Museum
Barbara Kruger at Stedelijk Museum
What else?
🎨 Tonight is the opening of Stedelijk Base, highlighting it’s amazing collection of art and design from 1880 to now. It’s a mesmerising and thought provoking experience to see such an insane amount of art in one place. This video with Rem Koolhaas will give some more context around the development.
📷 It would be fun to have Stefan Draschan attend the opening, shooting photos of people falling asleep
🍟 I had dinner with Jorn & Koen who are getting slightly anxious about the upcoming new release of Framer. They are looking for a new VP of Marketing to help make Framer as popular as MS Paint once was hahaha. Most importantly, the restaurant was great!
🛰  This is such an epic project! A Message from Earth is a celebration of the Voyager Golden Record in its 40th year, featuring contributions from 40+ people influenced by the original. The best experience is on desktop yo.  
👀 WeTransfer commissioned Mac Premo to make an ad. I think it’s the best ad made in the 9 year old history of the company! This article in AdWeek followed with the most on-point story on WeTransfer since it’s inception. Yup, I’m deeply moved ::cry::
🦊 Hey, Firefox is fast again! Here’s how and why Quantum will get even faster. I’ll answer the question you’re afraid to ask… Yes, it’s a better alternative for Chrome if you value your privacy.
🎵 I’m totally into this album Aromanticism from Moses Sumney. Can’t remember how I’ve discovered it. Probably due to some playlist. Made me think about this crazy insightful article about Spotify and how it’s remodelling the industry. For the worse?
👩‍💻 For startups, the most critical ingredient to become the next global giant is access to talent. Therefore Index Ventures made a book on how to reward talent via stock options. We did the same at WeTransfer for all employees. People make the difference right?!
👛 I also want to congratulate my friend Elza with the release of her own brand called Wandler. The first collection is a smash hit on Net-a-porter and it seems Vogue is also diggin’ it. Chapeau! 
👕 Sticking to Amsterdam based designers. My buddy Koen Tossijn keeps expanding his collection of the finest wardrobe for men. Ok, I’m biased, but still, that new black polo is a must have.
🚗 Before we say goodbye. Did you see Le Fidèle? My brother took me to see it at FC Hyena. There’s a scene that is similar to this film by Claude Lelouch that I thought you should know about. 
That’s all folks! Have a great weekend.
- N.
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