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Sharing is a vital life skill.

Hey, how are you? I'm good. After a short 3-month hiatus I'm ready to kickstart new ideas. In collabo
Sharing is a vital life skill.
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Hey, how are you? 
I’m good. After a short 3-month hiatus I’m ready to kickstart new ideas. In collaboration with my friends at Awkward we’re creating a new team called WORKSHOP to go beyond file-transfers.
Why? Because of my kids. They remind me every day why it’s important to share. As parents you need to shape experiences, values, ideas to prep your child for life. By letting go. By giving confidence and most of all; by sharing.
As you embark on the journey of sharing, you quickly learn things about yourself. You start to pay more attention to your own dialog, you get a better understanding how you think and process ideas.
If no one shares their story, their thoughts, their opinions or their ideas, you will have nothing to think of other than your own preconceived notions. Without additional information to change the way you think about things, you will be stuck in whatever mindset you already have. That’s a dead end.
Today people do share more than we ever could imagine. However, the tools to do so are broken. Inefficient or hard to use. Pricey. And in most cases if they do work, they’re not safe. 
I believe we can make a difference here. Interested? We’re hiring.

"We think we fell in love with our devices, but we didn’t really" - Debbie Millman
"We think we fell in love with our devices, but we didn’t really" - Debbie Millman
What Else? 
🎨 The creative independent shared a guide how to work with galleries and collectors as an emerging artist. Bigup Patton Hindle!
🔮 Marco Arment shared some insights on why it might be the end of the conference era while Damian Bradfield is working on a new idea that might bring back a lot of excitement at such events.
🔍 This story on the history of The Bijlmer in Amsterdam is quite remarkable. It’s as captivating as worrisome and provides new insights. A must read even if you’re not from this area.
🙋 I also might have subscribed to this service. Not for me, but for others hahaha. It grants you a real life Follower for a day! Not entirely coincidental, The New York Times published an article on The Follower Factory, because everyone wants to be popular. 
Right? Right. 
🎵 Sticking to the subject of social status is the new album of Bekon; Get With The Times. I particularly enjoy songs such as 7PM, Oxygen and In Your Honor. It’s a very well produced album.
🎯 If you’re into listening full albums, consider subscribing to Vinyl Me, Please. It’s the best damn record club out there!
🔋 Also feel anxious when your battery life is below 10%? Now there’s even an app for that. Die With Me will give you low battery conversations with people in the same situation hahaha. 
💰 You’ve made it to the end of this letter. And you might have thought there’s nothing on crypto! Wrong. I couldn’t send this mail without sharing about 50Cent who suddenly realised he got more rich due to accepting bitcoin back in 2014 when selling his album.
That’s it. Have a great week and remember not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that is measured matters.  
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