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Shipping is learning...

Hey, what's up?Over here things have been hectic as always. The main difference is that this week we'
Shipping is learning...
By nalden • Issue #13 • View online
Hey, what’s up?
Over here things have been hectic as always. The main difference is that this week we’ve shipped our new iOS app with WeTransfer. I wrote a few words how this is a new chapter for the company and Damian elaborated a bit how we plan to disrupt the creative process for the better. Massive kudos to the team for shipping this beauty! 
Now the real work starts with learning from real users’ behaviour. I would love to hear your feedback, so together we can make it a better experience for all. If you haven’t done already, go download the app. It’s free! Hahaha.
What else?
📡 Quartz published a book about the objects that are powering the global economy. This definitely got me curious as hell!
🔝 Oh, it would be dope if you could upvote WeTransfer for iOS on Product Hunt. It will boost the street-cred of the makers.
😱 Margo Aaron emailed me her article, which deeply resonated with me as it will with other entrepreneurs. It’s about emotions and shit you somehow need to deal with. 
🎼 Damian has been busy. He wrote about music being the fuel for creatives. Suddenly it all makes sense why we do things with Gilles Peterson and Troy Carter and sh…..
🎧 Speaking of Gilles… he interviewed five of his favorite DJs to explore life behind the turntables. This became a great podcast series!
💸 Now, we’ll think twice about starting a streaming service after reading this; What would a healthy streaming business look like
👀 Nobody learns at school how to become a great manager. You learn by doing AND by subscribing to Gillian’s newsletter which is all about helping first time leaders. 
🎯 Finally, get familiar with Brecht Vandenbroucke who’s an illustrator telling the truth about todays society though his art.
That’s all folks. Have a great day!


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