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What is modern art?

Bongiorno! How are you today?Just got back from Italy where I've visited La Biennale di Venezia with
What is modern art?
By nalden • Issue #12 • View online
Bongiorno! How are you today?
Just got back from Italy where I’ve visited La Biennale di Venezia with the family. I kinda have to step up my art game now I’m joining the supervisory board of the Stedelijk Museum. 
Yup! I am deeply honoured to be even considered for such a prestigious position. Kinda crazy, but I can’t wait to help Beatrix and the gang making modern and contemporary art even more accessible for everyone to discover. Wish me luck hahaha.
What else?
Here’s an insightful article on The Atlantic on how smartphones might have destroyed an entire generation. To me, there’s no right or wrong in this discussion. We just have to deal with it. 
I found this via Joachims’ great newsletter. A project from Yorit Kluitman who shows the Netherlands are designed for cycling
There’s also a great story on Koen on Joachim’s blog. 
Also, checkout next reality to discover the best augmented reality.
Ooh speaking of reality. I am sure you will love this partnership between WeTransfer and Kamasi Washington. Mega proud of the team for making this real. Kamasi is such a legend!
Then I’ll say something about Bitcoin, cuz no ‘newsletter’ today is successful without mentioning anything crypto related. I’ve found the best explanation for an ICO courtesy of Kevin Roose hahaha. 
Let’s continue with new job opportunities! My buddy Renato is looking for talent at Honor. Next to that, Koen started a curated list for product design talent and jobs. Mos'Def sign up for that!
Lastly, don’t forget to checkout the latest album from Nosaj Thing!


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