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Where should you go next?

Don't you ever wonder; where would I go next? I'm sure it's been an on-going conversation at many din
Where should you go next?
By nalden • Issue #8 • View online
Don’t you ever wonder; where would I go next? 
I’m sure it’s been an on-going conversation at many dinner tables after Brexit, Trump and the elections in Europe. Most times you’ll hear people raving about the Scandics ‘cuz they’re in all sorts of top 3 lists from education to quality of life to embracing blockchain
Personally I became a fan of Estonia. The only country in the world to offer e-residency and to adopt online voting. Sure, it’s bit close to Russia, but so is Sweden. No, there’s no Hollywood, but they do have a brand guide for sharing Estonia with the world hahaha.
What else? Well, Tim (not Cook, the other one) speaks about making the web more solid. To quote the Turing award winner; “You can make the walled garden very very sweet, but the jungle outside is always more appealing in the long term.”
Think about that when you’re joining a startup or when you start your own. Maybe you could first start practicing online with this dystopian business-simulator called The Founder. Gives you great insight into the thrills of being a startup founder hahaha. 
Although I’m not a founder, I did share some of my own “co-founder insights” in this interview with 99u and the inbox talks from Revue. (yes, the tool I’m using to email you, that I became addicted slash excited about and ended up investing in). 
For more experienced insights, subscribe to StartupWatching or follow people like Ryan Hoover. There’s actually plenty of great knowledge to discover. Revue made that easy for you.
How did I get from Estonia, to promoting my own shit again? I guess I’m being too nice. I learned the hard way that there’s more value in being real with people over being nice. This video says it all. Or to quote Damian; “You can fill the canals with nice people” 
BTW, happy 10th anniversary IT’S NICE THAT! What a ride!
And you? If you made it this far, I want to thank you again for reading the whole shebang by sending you elsewhere to celebrate with music from either WWFM or 22tracks. Both have new apps.


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